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Gifts and card: Valentines Day video

The video Namorados (in English Valentine) it is a gift and card in honor of love and romance. The video begins with a screen full of hearts, representing the love that is in the air. In the center of the screen, in a large sphere that rotates to the left side, there is a couple of young and passionate lovers. The scene is beautiful and romantic, and conveys the feeling that love is something magical and transformative.
The main element of the video is the second illustration, an angel mending a broken heart. This illustration represents the healing of love, overcoming adversity and the hope of new love. In other words, love is something that can be healed and overcome. The video ends with a Happy Valentines Day message (in Portuguese Feliz Dia dos Namorados), wishing everyone to find true love.
The video is suitable to be shown close to Valentines Day, as it is a positive and inspiring message about love. The video is short and easy to understand, and can be enjoyed by people of all ages.
Animation was generated using video editing software titled XaoS 3.5, realtime interactive fractal zoomer.

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