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Gifts and card: video of Santa Claus, trees, Christmas and snow

The Santa Claus video is a tribute to the most famous Christmas character. The video begins with a sphere that moves in the center of the screen, bringing four different Santa Clauses. The first is Santa Claus from the forest, with a white beard, blue clothes and fur cap, holding pine branches. The second is a traditional Santa Claus, with a white beard, wearing a fur coat and cap, holding gifts. The third is a Santa Claus with a cap decorated with Christmas motifs and a lamp in his hand. The fourth and final Santa Claus is Albert Einstein, representing the spirit of intelligence and creativity. On the bottom of Santa Claus Einstein, it says Merry Christmas.
In the background of the video, there are several wallpapers with Christmas motifs, such as Christmas trees, snowmen, reindeer and gifts. The video is animated and colorful, and, like a card, it is ideal for showing in public spaces, store windows, restaurants, temples, schools, etc.
Animation was generated using video editing software titled XaoS 3.5, realtime interactive fractal zoomer.

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