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Gifts and card: Halloween video

The Halloween video is a tribute to the festival of Celtic origin that is celebrated on October 31st. The video is made up of a sphere that rotates from right to left, inside which there is a witch with her magical instruments. The witch is grumpy, as she is commonly portrayed, and is dressed in a long black dress and a pointed hat. She holds a broom, a cauldron and a magic wand.
In addition to the witch, other elements that represent witchcraft are present in the video, such as the owl, the moon and the pumpkin. The owl is a nocturnal animal that is often associated with witchcraft. The moon is a symbol of magic and the night. And the pumpkin is a symbol of Halloween, as it is often used to make lanterns.
The background of the video is a beautiful fractal, which creates a feeling of mystery and suspense.
The Portuguese version of the video is a little different from the English version. In this English version, the witch is not present.
The Dia das Bruxas (in Portuguese) and Halloween (in English) videos can be shown anywhere, as gifts and card, especially around Halloween. They are a fun and creative way to celebrate this festival.
Animation was generated using video editing software titled XaoS 3.5, realtime interactive fractal zoomer.

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