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Gifts and card: Christmas video (Santa Claus, sleigh and snow)

The Christmas video, which translates into Natal in Portuguese, is a 3D animation that gives it impressive realism and visual impact and portrays a Christmas town with trees covered in snow.
Inside a golden sphere, a Santa Claus walks through space on his sleigh, carrying a bag of gifts on his back. At the bottom of the animation, a handful of gifts are shown. The background of the video is formed by a fractal, which creates an effect of depth and movement.
The video is a celebration of the magic of Christmas. The city is an idealized representation of the time, with many houses and snow. Santa Claus is the main figure of Christmas, and his flying sleigh is a symbol of hope and joy. Gifts represent the spirit of generosity and giving.
Video, as if it were a card, is a great option for showing in public spaces, shop windows with gifts, restaurants, temples and schools. Its a way to create a Christmas atmosphere and spread the message of love and unity.
Animation was generated using video editing software titled XaoS 3.5, realtime interactive fractal zoomer.

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