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Gifts and card: Happy Birthday video

The Birthday video is an animated clip that brings, like a card, a congratulatory message for birthday people. The video begins with a large ball that rotates from right to left, revealing a birthday cake with chocolate icing and a single candle, three yellow, green and purple gas balloons and gifts. In the background, a fractal animation, in wonder color, in explosive movement from the center to the periphery, creating a festive atmosphere.
The phrase Happy Birthday appears in English in the center of the screen, and is translated to Feliz Aniversário in the Portuguese video. The video ends with an explosion of confetti and balloons, which symbolize the joy and celebration of the birthday.
Birthday video can be shown at birthday parties or shared with birthday people to wish them a happy birthday. Video is a fun and original way to celebrate someones special day.
Animation was generated using video editing software titled XaoS 3.5, realtime interactive fractal zoomer.

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